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Super Power Smoothie

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Super Power Green Smoothie

Summertime calls for smoothies!

I crave smoothies in the summer. Anyone else? I think it is a mixture of the heat, feeling like I need less food to satisfy my hunger because my body isn’t constantly trying to constantly warm up, and balancing out all the social eating that comes along with summer activities and parties. TRUST me, I love chips and guac, and tacos, and pizza, but balancing out these “fun” foods is my key to staying energized and healthy during the summer.

This smoothie is my latest go-to to set up my day feeling like I have SUPER POWERS. It is light, refreshing, detoxing and gives me tons of energy for summer fun.

It starts with lots of greens. We all know by now greens of all different sorts are a main component of getting the nutrients we need from our diet. Fiber, iron, folate, and calcium to name a few.

Throw in some avocado and chia seeds. Both of these add healthy fats, and filling fiber. This step is what makes this smoothie last you until your next meal without needing a snack.
Add ginger for a zing. I love the taste the ginger adds, plus it is filled with antioxidants to keep you healthy and inflammatory properties to keep your body moving.

Top it off with Sun Potion Yin Power. I swear by this blend of super herbs. It is filled with all the goods for immunity, energy, mental clarity, stress relief, and hormonal balance in one shot. Reishi Mushrooms, Pearl Powder, and Ashwagandha are just a few of the high end wild harvested additions that make this a potent addition.

Get your blend on! There is nothing better than a good smoothie on a hot day… try it out, your body will thank you :)

green smoothie

– Recipe –

Add the following to a blender (always choose organic when possible)

1/2 cup sliced cucumber 

3 pitted dates

1/2 cup dino kale — ribs taken out

1/2 small avocado 

1/2 apple 

1 cup nut milk (I like homemade cashew milk)  

A dime sized chunk of fresh ginger 

1 tsp Sun Potion Yin Power powder

Ice cubes 

BLEND until smooth

Makes about 16oz 

Enjoy! … Preferably with your favorite glass smoothie straw from Simply Straws


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