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Happy skin = Happy life

As someone who spends 90% of my time outside, in the elements, I look at skin care is a critical part of my health routine. I often times get asked what my skin care regiment is… how do I protect, nurture, and care for my skin? Skin is the body’s largest organ, and because it is the barrier between the environment and the rest of our body’s organs it plays a huge role in immunity, protecting us from pathogens, and overall health and wellness.


When looking for skin care products the most important characteristics to me (and hopefully now to you!) are:

REAL, all natural, non toxic ingredients — Part of the reason our skin has such a tough job is because it is constantly in contact with all sorts of toxins; in the air and on all of the things we come into contact with. It is SO important to choose products that are free of toxic ingredients, parabens, and anything synthetic to be sure that the cells in our skin are getting nothing but real nutrients to rebuild and help protect the rest of our body!

Not tested on animals — I am a big advocate for not testing products on animals. Animals are friends not test dummies!

Environmentally friendly — Our world is a precious place. Each and every product that we use and throw away has an effect on the planet. I always look to buy from companies that are working to create business practices and products that have the least impact on the Earth.

The BEST resource for finding products that check all these boxes is EWG.org. This site gives you a comprehensive guide to all sorts of products, but has an entire section for beauty, so if you are unsure if the company you like is checking all the boxes, look it up on here!

SO what do I use on my skin and how do I use it? Not only to protect my health, but keep my skin looking and feeling great no matter what type of weather I am in? I have a few GO – TO’s that make all the difference… I like to keep it simple but effective and of course enjoyable :)


Facial care –

Moisture, moisture, moisture! I have found that no matter what type of elements you are in, sun, wind, snow, heat, or cold, moisture is the key to keeping my face feeling and looking good. I attack moisture in three parts. Lotion, toner, and oil serum. My favorite combination is from Herbivore Botanicals. Their Rosewater moisture cream with a few drops of Lapis facial oil will help my face recover from ANY type of beating…. even longest of days out on the mountain. I follow this up with the Jasmine toner, which makes my skin feel balanced but also is a total indulgent experience that makes me feel pampered. Skin care can be enjoyable too!

Body care –

Exfoliate! Anyone who is active knows what it feels like to have skin that takes a beating. From being covered in dirt or sand, to sweating all day on the mountain in long underwear, I put my body thru a lot. I never used to exfoliate because I honestly thought it was silly. I have found though that exfoliating not only makes my skin feel better but it helps it to rebuild healthier and stronger from the inside out. Exfoliating helps to remove any dead skin giving fresh air and nutrients to the skin cells underneath. This helps these cells to build healthier stronger walls and better protect your immune system from all the toxins that you encounter daily. My favorite exfoliator to date is Herbivore Coco Rose exfoliator. It is gentle, effective, and smells like I am showering in a rose garden. LOVE.LOVE.LOVE<3

herbivore botanicals


Sunscreen –

Many sunscreens have chemicals in them that not only are harmful to your body, but are also harmful to our Oceans reefs, and the animals and plants that the ocean is home too. However we need to protect our skin from the sun. I use sunscreen daily, whether or not the sun is shining! In searching for natural sunscreens there are tons out there, you just need to look beyond the Banana Boat that you were raised on. I love Manda Sunscreen and Avasol Sunscreen.


Those are the MUST HAVES. Of course I use other things but these are the indisputable skin NEEDS for anyone and everyone.

If skin care is not something you have put much thought into before, take a second look. While for many it is mainly about appearance, it really has an effect on our overall health and wellbeing, and THAT is worth spending time on isn’t it? Check out Herbivore Botanicals for all sorts of products that feel, smell, and work fantastic and take the time to commit to yourself, you are worth it :)




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