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Top 5 Go-To Rereads for 2017

Over the years my book collection has become quite extensive. I love to have a book with me at all times specifically for airports and airplanes where I can just get lost in a story, or truly have time to consider theories from the words I read, rather than just skim past them with little contemplation promising myself I will come back to it. I like to travel with one storybook to keep me entertained, and one of these, for lack of better word, “self-help” books, to always keep my mind stimulated, attempting to create better habits, and instill thought processes and actions that help me grow as a person.

Every time I make it through a book I switch out one of my “self-help” books for something to re-read or move onto. Somehow this habit has continued to provide the perfect book for the moment. I trade with friends, switch out books from home or wander into a bookstore for something new.

Below are my top 5 books from the past few years, the ones that I keep returning to for the little lessons they provide. The next time you just need an uplifting chapter or something to help shift your mindset, check out one of these, you are almost guaranteed to find that one sentence that helps you make sense of whatever crazy life experience you are going through.

Seven Spiritual Laws of Success – Deepak Chopra

This book is perfect for short reminders to reflect on. Each chapter is a short read on simple laws to follow in order to help fulfill your dreams. Deepak Chopra has a way with words to help you turn these laws into habits that undoubtedly will help enhance your everyday life.

The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success

The Tao of Poo – Benjamin Hoff

The practical guide to learning Taoism teachings through your beloved childhood playmate Pooh. Easy life lessons described from Poohs stories of the Hundred Acre Woods with Taoist teachings intertwined.


The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

A fictional story in which the main character learns to listen to the soul of the world. A very easy read that will leave you feeling uplifted with a new outlook on your connection to this world.


The Power Of Now – Eckhart Tolle

One of the very first “self-help” type books I ever read. The Power of Now is a guide to help one start live more fully in the present moment, because who doesn’t need reminders to live fully in each moment?

The Power of Now

Thinking Body, Dancing Mind – ChungLlang Al Huang and Jerry Lynch

Using the idea of simple mental tools, wisdom, and practice of thoughtful techniques to help one excel in all aspects of life. This is a book full of stories from various successful people and lessons to help you actually try the mental techniques written about.

Thinking Body, Dancing Mind

PS- If YOU have any suggestions for books that are on your must-read list PLEASE share! I love finding new gems :)


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