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Heart with Spencer O’Brien

Name: Spencer O’Brien

Age: 28

Talent: Snowboarding

Years participating: 17

Personal career highlight: Winning the 2012 World Championships and 2016 X Games

Spencer is a household name in the sport of snowboarding. She has dominated the sport for the last decade and has done so with style, grace and a heart of gold. Spencer personally inspires me by her fearless attitude towards hitting big features; her ability to make friends with anyone sitting next to her, and the poise and dedication that she brings to every aspect of her life.

Spencer was one of the first girls to truly push the sport of Slopestyle to the level it is today by hitting the jumps that were meant for the boys. Years ago there used to be a “girls” side of a jump, which was much smaller with less risk, and the “guys” side; longer, much more airtime, and higher consequence. Spencer was one of the only women to step up to the challenge and prove once again that girls can do what the guys do, sometimes it just takes us a little longer to warm up to it. Today any event you watch will only have one jump choice that both the men and women hit… touché Spencer, touché.

Who was your standout cheerleader as you came up through sport?

My dad has always been my biggest supporter. He’s believed in me from the very beginning and always has my back. He also shreds more than me, so there’s that haha.

Best advice you have ever received?

To focus on me and my riding. I do a very individual sport where so much of the outcome is out of my hands. I can only go up there and do my very best. Learning to be ok with my best, no matter the outcome was such a valuable lesson. I think it translates well into life as well, you have to be able to let go of the things that are out of your control

Go-To pre-game meal?

I always have a steak the night before finals. Medium rare haha. I’m a big fan of steel cut oats with berries, hemp hearts, nuts and greek yogurt in the morning as well

One person or thing that always lifts you up after a tough loss or tough day?

A glass of wine and some good food with friends always helps.

Personal health tip or routine?

Stick to your routine. I travel so much for my sport and it can be easy to fall out of my work out and nutrition routine when I’m on the road. It doesn’t matter if you fall off, the important thing is to just always start back up again even if it’s been one day or 3 weeks.

Favorite or hardest training move or workout?

I’m a big fan of olympic lifting. Squats, cleans, dead lifts. It’s challenging and helps build power for my sport.

Salty or sweet?

Sweet. Always. But I do fall hard for a good bag of salt and vinegar chips.

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  • Ohene

    My wife and I try hard, by our own example and the examples of others (like Spencer), to teach our children to love/live life to the fullest. Grateful for the bar she sets. Great interview!

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