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What’s In Your Gym Bag?

What are your MUST HAVES for the best gym experience that makes you feel like the best version of yourself?! I personally need to have all my things in a bag ready to grab and go or else I will forget the necessities on the way to the gym. Here are my top 5 gym bag necessities:

  • SWEAT cleansing towelettes – There is nothing worse than feeling sweaty and grimy after a workout and having to go out into public for a quick errand or something. These individual wipes are the best for a quick refresh! So fresh and so clean, clean.
  • Headphones – I’ll be honest, music is the only way that I get through most of my workouts… BLAST that playlist and get er done!!
  • ALEX Reusable Water Bottle – Cut down on all that unnecessary plastic with this epic water bottle. Sustainably designed and 100% BPA free, this two-piece stainless steel bottle keeps your water cold and fresh.
  • Resistance band – BOOTY BOOTY BOOTY. This little band will kick you’re a**! Step inside it. Wrap it around your ankles and bend into a low squat. Side step as wide as possible in one direction 15-20 times. Repeat on the other side. Do 3-4 sets and feel the burn!
  • Foam Roller– Foam rolling after a hard workout has become a necessity, not a choice. Like stretching it helps muscles begin to recover and helps from unnecessary fatigue. I must bring my roller to the gym or else I will find every excuse at home not to use it. Try adding rolling to the end of your normal stretch, it always hurts at first but the more you do it the more you realize what a miracle worker it is. Roll your quads, IT bands, hamstrings, calves, and back. You might curse me at first, but you will thank me later ☺




  • Vickie Tomasik

    Must haves are my Asics, H2O

  • Anna Dimond

    The pump-up playlist is a must! Also, my workout buddies Katie, Maya and Seb, who work with me at the World Surf League….after that, anything goes: Jump rope, Kayla Itsines circuit, and a good pair of sneakers.

  • Susie McAdam

    ALWAYS have my water bottle with me! Energy Bars since I’m always starved! Hand sanitizer, deodorant, and that’s about all since I’m only a 3 minute drive away I’m already dressed and ready to go!

    • Laura Kaminski

      Gym Bag must haves:
      1. My Swell bottle – I love how cold and refreshing it keeps my water!
      2. Motive Pure – the best 1oz of electrolytes & flavor to add to any water bottle with no sugar added!
      3. Gaiam Yoga Towel – it’s so soft & sweat wicking!
      4. Under Armour lifting gloves – they are hot pink and the perfect grip to hit the pull up bar!
      5. Headphones – must have tunes to keep the blood & more importantly the heart going!

      Cheers :)

      • Elena Hight

        LOVE THESE!!!! I never thought of yoga towels for a workout towel but that is brilliant!

  • Jason Tilley

    My gym bag needs four things. It needs a excessive band to help get squats and hips stronger. I also need headphones , so I can bump while I bust out the reps. Water is key, so a good water bottle that easily reminds you to keep drinking helps keep me hydrated. Lastly, I need my after workout food. This consists of a banana and a protein shake, so my body can be on the road to recovery for the next workout.

  • Georgios N

    i always have the following ;
    1. big towel to shower after the wod
    2. small towel to wipe face etc
    3. protein shaker with progenex
    4. waterproof earbuds
    5. ipod
    6. foam roller in case i do a yoga workout after crossfit

  • Samson Wilson

    Coconut water , after workout hydration
    Head phones
    Foam roller
    Plain yogurt with honey, cinnamon and almond butter is my pre workout snack.
    Water bottle and towel

  • Melissa Sharp

    Nice! I love articles like this. What kind of foam roller do you suggest? There are so many out there now as people realize their benefit. I need to go grab one for sure. :)

    • Elena Hight

      Hey Melissa,

      I LOVE TP Therapy foam rollers. They have little knobs for extra digging, never break down and come in all different sizes which is great!

  • Karsten McKnight

    Refillable water bottle

  • Jill

    I always have my water bottle, earbuds, facial wipes,, protein bar, banana or apple, deodorant and flip flops!

  • Hannah M

    I have to have my SonicMount Smartphone Armband for my iPhone so I can listen some tunes while I work out:) I Also bring my sweet sweat stick! Its supposed to enhance circulation and help me get my sweat on!

  • Oana Maria Frandes

    My workouts are mainly running an outdoor track, doing BodyArt at the local gym and beachvolley. With all this I always have my volleyball in the trunk of my car, a pair of running shoes, shoe spray, some wet towels, deodorant, my i-pod and a refreshing body mist. Your tips are good! Awesome water bottle and foam roller

    • Lynn

      When I work out I need to be absolutely, 100% comfortable. My gym bag necessity is stretchy pants! I also drink more water than a fish so I’ll throw a water bottle in as well, just in case ;)

    • Elena Hight

      LOVE your go-tos!

      Oana congratulations you have won! SWEAT face towelettes are now yours to enjoy after volleyball!!

  • Joanna Albright

    My water, ipod, class format, clean face towel, socks, heart rate monitor and lip gloss!!

  • April

    No gym bag is complete without clean socks, ear buds, and h2o… And a good sports bra; underwires and work outs are an awful mix!

  • Jennifer Clinton

    A water bottle I can refill, I can’t really go anywhere without it. (I would also have to say extra hair ties. I am always breaking them and getting stuck at the gym without an extra is the worst.)

  • Chantel Booth

    Clean socks, my shaker with water, pre and post workout which I MUST have in my bag, headphones and an extra Ipod incase my phone dies.
    I like to consider myself simple and organized until I actually think about all the stuff I tote around with me everyday once or twice a day at that! haha

  • Elena Hight

    Thanks everyone for all your awesome comments!! I LOVE your go-tos!!!

  • Elena Hight

    Thank you all for all your awesome comments! I LOVE all the necessities! Hair ties, water bottle, good music! ALL on my go-tos!!! :)

    Stay tuned for the winner!

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