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Natural Anti-inflammatory Foods

Anti-inflammatory. A term used very frequently in athletics for a lot of different reasons, many of which transfer over to everyday life. Inflammation is a physical reaction the body has to an injury or infection in the form of reddening, or swelling that often causes a lot of pain. An anti-inflammatory is used to combat or help cure inflammation when it occurs. The dictionary defines anti-inflammatory as:




  1. (chiefly of a drug) used to reduce inflammation


It is interesting that even the dictionary links anti-inflammatory to a drug. There are so many natural ways to reduce inflammation, and many are easily accessed with no side effects! Using foods to help naturally reduce inflammation all over your body can help in athletic performance, and in everyday life with chronic pain, small irritations and just living at your optimal level.

The internet is flooded with all types of super foods that have tons of anti-inflammatory qualities that you can incorporate into your diet. Let’s think outside the box of spinach and berries and look into some new anti-inflammatory foods that you may have never even heard of! Check out this article at Mind, Body, Green that has some fun new ingredients to look for on your next grocery-shopping trip!

Medicinal foods you don’t know about


I am excited to go on a hunt for these three ingredients and start cooking with them this summer!

Purslane – A rich plant source for omega- 3 fatty acids and soluble fiber. A+ things for fighting inflammation in the body. Purslane can easily be added to salads or sautés… looks similar to pea sprouts!



Kohlrabi – Great source of vitamin C, with a crunchy, firm texture can be used as your new favorite vehicle for dips, spreads and the like. Definitely a good alternative for chips!



Burdock root is a source of inulin. Inulin is a prebiotic fiber that increases friendly gut bacteria that is known to lower inflammation. You might have to get creative with this one… pickling it, or maybe food-processing it into a soup with other veggies.



Have fun with adding some new ingredients to your meals and help your body fight inflammation in the process, multitasking at its finest. I’ll let you know how I go with the burdock root, I think a pickling project is in order!





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