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New Zealand coastline

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Let’s Go Places ~ New Zealand Edition

At the beginning of every year, I begin to daydream about where I might end up during the next 365 days. I have so many destinations on my bucket list it’s often hard to choose where I would like to go if I have the chance. Travel is what I live for; whether it be a road trip somewhere close to home, or to a far away land I have found a love for the adventure no matter where it may bring me. As an avid traveler, I always seek out other like-minded individuals for advice on places to visit. I have found that when I do this I end up finding my own adventure, but also get to use the knowledge of a previous traveler to enhance my fun. Because I know that I do this, I would like to share some travel secrets with all of you. This Fall I took a trip to New Zealand and documented all of my favorite places to go on the South Island. If you are considering a trip, or just looking for that new special spot for a vacation, maybe this will entice you make the commitment in 2017 and GO PLACES – kiwi style.

New Zealand is a very special place, honestly the best word I can think of to describe it is a postcard. Everywhere you go and everything you see is SO grand, so picturesque, and so untouched it feels like you are walking into a real-life postcard. The best way to travel in New Zealand is in a comfortable car, the driving is easy and beyond beautiful. I had some time in New Zealand to tourist around, so I hopped in my Toyota Highlander multiple days to see where this foreign road would take me.

Toyota Highlander

Wanaka ~ The beginning of my road trip. This little town is nestled on the shores of Lake Wanaka and at the base of the mountains. A quaint town with great little cafes, a beautiful shoreline overlooking the lake and a laid back feel amongst the locals. In the Spring the entire town is covered in blooming cherry blossom trees which just makes it absolute MAGIC.

Wanaka, NZ

Cardrona ~ About a 40-minute drive from Wanaka is the ski hill featuring everything you could hope for if you wish to snowboard while it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere. The drive up to the resort with the sunrise glaring in your review mirror isn’t so bad either. ☺

St. Clair ~ On the east coast of the south island lies a cute little beach town called St. Clair. Home to a few, fun little surf breaks as well as a beautiful untouched coastline, we braved the cold to surf in some of the clearest (coldest!) water I have ever seen. We didn’t see another soul on the entire beach for hours.

St. Clairs Beach, NZ

Otaga Peninsula ~ The Otaga Peninsula sits just outside of Dunedin and is by far one of the most beautiful pieces of land I have ever visited. Slow windy roads hug the coastline and provide about an hour tour of the entire region. It is an absolutely breathtaking drive while you pass green rolling hills, wildflowers, and wildlife along the way. Protected birds, penguins, and wild horses inhabit the area and make this place feel unreal, almost like you have stepped back in time to a place that still sits completely untouched from modern life and technology.

Otaga Peninsula          baby sheep         Otago Peninsula.JPG


Overall you cannot go wrong in New Zealand. Once you get yourself there, get into a comfy, trusty car and go for the road trip of your life! It will be something you never forget. Happy Traveling!!


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