There is no place like Whistler in the summer time. I just spent the last week up in Whistler, BC at Camp of Champions for my Send it With session. C.O.C. is like no other summer camp in the world. A typical day starts with a few chairlift rides up to the backside of Whistler Mountain where the glacier is located. Daily you will hang your bare feet off the chairlift, see black bears roaming beneath you, and get to look out into some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Once on the glacier you will snowboard and ski all day long riding the T-bar and hiking when you please. After the hill there is so much to do, it is almost impossible to fit everything into one week of after snowboarding activities. Multiple fresh water lakes, bike riding, hiking, roaming Whistler Village, paintball, golfing, mini golf, tons of great restaurants, and plenty of cool people to share it all with. One week up there passes like a second and every summer I look forward to heading up there and turning Canadian... If only for the week!

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