Road Trip

There is nothing better than a good road trip. This season I have been driving everywhere in my Tundra rather than flying. I have driven to and from Park City, to and from Breckenridge, CO, to Park City, then to Aspen, and home again. I think that I may have spent more time in my truck than I have at home in the last 3 months.

Before this season I had never really road tripped that much; now I am a pro. For a great road trip there are definitely a few must haves: good music, a partner in crime, water to stay hydrated, massaging seat cushions, beef jerky, candy, chips, and other necessary snacking food, sunglasses, a pillow, and a camera to document.

I have made more long lasting memories in my truck this year than I have anywhere else and I cant wait to keep going.

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