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San Diego Coffee Shops Explored

There is something special about a local coffee shop. It can mean so many different things to so many people, but in the end it often becomes an instrumental part of many peoples daily routine. It is a place for meetings or work, somewhere to catch up with old friends, a place to sit, read and relax, and ultimately a place the community often gathers to share in the comfort of a warm cup of coffee or tea and a smile.

I spend part of my off-season in San Diego, CA, which has become an epicenter of coffee shops. There seems to be an amazing coffee shop in every little community offering a comforting setting to sit and hang, or to just grab your daily cup and get a friendly smile.

These are a few of my favorite…. Tried and true for a great latte, friendly people and great vibes. If you are in the area try one out and let me know what you think!


ENCINITAS – Iron Smith Coffee Roasters
Ironsmith Coffee
Coffee beans roasted in-house make one of the best Flat Whites I have ever had outside of Australia. If you are more of a tea drinker, they also make an amazing home brewed chai latte.

LA COSTA – La Costa Coffee Roasters
If you are commuting through the area or just running errands this is the place for a great cup of coffee to keep you going all day. Roasted in-house and family run they are all about making the best quality cup of coffee possible.

SOLANA BEACH – Lofty Coffee
Lofty coffee
The Turkish Latte and gluten-free vegan chocolate chip cookies will keep me coming back here forever!

LEUCADIA – Coffee Coffee
Best place to sit and catch up with old friends over a coffee or iced tea. There is a big patio out front covered by a beautiful tree that is one of the best places to hang on the 101.

DOWNTOWN SAN DIEGO – Birdrock Coffee Roasters
birdrock coffee
Birdrock Coffee Roasters are known for high-end specialty coffee and the taste is undeniably amazing. The Little Italy location of Birdrock is a great spot to sit and just enjoy.

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