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How to make your hotel room more comfy

For many, travel is a much-needed escape from everyday life. It is exciting and relaxing to be able to wake up somewhere and know you don’t have to clean, cook, do chores, and just escape your normal life routine. For some, travel is a necessity for business and various responsibilities bringing you to places that you wouldn’t necessarily choose to be, or keeping you on the road longer than you would like.

Whether you spend 10 days in a hotel or weeks and weeks at a time traveling to and from them, hotels, condos and rentals are created for the masses. They are often times clean and comfortable, but sterile and can create unease, homesickness or just inconvenience if you aren’t prepared.

As an avid traveler, I have learned over the years it is fairly easy to make a work trip feel more comfortable, or a vacation that much more relaxing by bringing a few key items with me. You never really know what the space your staying at is going to be like and I find having these essentials help enhance anywhere I may be staying. Try out bringing a few things on your next trip and see what it feels like! They don’t need to fill your entire suitcase, just a few small things that I truly believe will make your travel that much better!

BRING A CANDLE OR INCENSE – Our sense of smell is astounding. People can detect at least one trillion distinct scents. These scents can have a powerful effect on our emotions, moods, and physical reactions. No matter where you are a hotel room typically smells like a hotel room or cleaning products. Neither is the most inviting or relaxing of scents, so bring your own! My personal favorite scents include vanilla, sage, patchouli, and ylang ylang.

TRAVEL WITH SOMETHING THAT REMINDS YOU OF HOME – When you are dwelling somewhere unfamiliar, I find it is always important to have a physical representation of home. A crystal, a stuffed animal, a special pillow case, a dream catcher, a photo of a loved one, anything that will catch your eye when you are in the space. If you are on vacation it will remind you to make the most of where you are and appreciate the time you have there, if you are homesick it will give you a sense of familiarity in unknown territory.
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UNPACK UPON ARRIVAL – For years I traveled and never unpacked my bags. I would just open them and shuffle through my clothes folded within the bag. I found myself traveling more and more and feeling less and less comfortable, organized, and able to keep my life sorted in a way that supported my travel.

Beginning the ritual of unpacking promptly when arriving somewhere and also when return home changed the game for me. The process of taking things out and hanging them, putting them in a drawer, on a table or in the bathroom helps you mentally check in to wherever you may be and check out of whatever it took for you to get there and whatever you left behind.

TRAVEL WITH YOUR FAVORITES – Until you arrive somewhere that does not have your favorite things, you may not realize how much you miss them! Even on vacation there are just certain things that make you feel good, and make your day complete. Tea, your favorite coffee, fruit, snacks, a specific type of gum… these little things are the make it or break it for me. I always bring a few different types of teas, especially for nighttime, trail mix, a good bar of chocolate, and a few pieces of fruit.
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BRING EARPLUGS – Even in the nicest settings there will be unfamiliar, unpredictable sounds. Good sleep is hard enough to get when you are in a bed you are not used to, hearing cracks, neighbors, traffic, or even strange birds will just add to the struggle, and there is nothing worst than not being able to get a good night sleep on the road.

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